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The visual storytelling project was created to combine subjects vital to life with the principles and elements of visual art to produce truly fine art projects and stories. As an academy of art, we developed structured lesson and partnered with educators on strategies that embraced the whole person. Our stories reflect values vital to the core of human nature. Our stories advance an individuals ability to conceptualize, construct, learn and produce. Skills that are vital to creative development and wholesome living. Take a venture into one of our stories and enjoy the ride.


Our strategies, concepts and ideas are rooted in learning principals. We started as educators in art and through art we created a basis for books and shows. Our educational books use problem-solved, open ended questions and mastery of basic design skills to create visually stimulating minds. Readers also can learn to verbally present their completed work for critique as well as explain its use to successfully advance in art. The has become an amazing art experience for them. Each one teach one.


Holloway Ventures stories help develop young minds that bring their concepts to full completion. Experienced with diverse crowds, we relate to the essence of a persons character and help them produce the image that will tell their story. We are dedicated to the process of creating your uniqueness and to help you enhance your idea. We have over twenty years experience in creative imaging have had hundreds of satisfied students. We will work hard to pass that experience on to you.


Holloway Ventures is comprised of experienced artists and educators. We understand how to get the most out of you or your child. We use skills that create visually compelling images with language that relates to diverse societies for all ages. We are a collaboration of writers, teachers and artists dedicated to creating messages that are clear and understood. We hope to collaborate with you on your journey.

PAINTINGS: Oh yes, we paint too.

Need some ambience and energy in your corporate office, home or or your personal space? Paintings use lines, colors and movement to create that beautiful response you want from you and/or your viewers. Paintings come in any color scheme that you want or we can blend the painting with your existing color schemes to enhance your atmosphere. Our art works create a great conversational piece or can simply add to the wonderous tone of your space.

Available in: THE FINE ARTS

ILLUSTRATIONS. We also teach basic anatomy.

Human anatomy is the basic structure of all figures. Whether animal or human, its structure exists in all things. A figure can display emotion strictly through its presence. I create realistic pictures that portray, respect and sometimes exaggerate and enhance the inner beauty of each subject and then present that beauty to the outside world.

Available in: THE FINE ARTS



Education with us is an adventure that kids of all ages cherish and enjoy when they visit our worlds. Our stories are themed towards your specific child and teach problem solving, inferences and ideas. Readers enjoy learning while being entertained and will want to come back and enjoy it again.

Available in: THE FINE ARTS



Activity Books are just plain FUN! As experienced teachers, we develop learning in activity books that challenge critical thinking and basic skills for kids of all ages. Each book has surprises for unique fun filled experiences.

Available in: THE FINE ARTS


Whether outside, inside or anywhere, kids are always learning. Our stories teach messages that encourage understanding of diverse situations. The stories are developed with experienced educators to ensure children are faced with familiar challenges and teach how to employ successful strategies that result in positive outcomes. These positive results, help to empower children with a belief in themselves and in others.

Available in: THE STORIES

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