Welcome to where we explore the visuals in your minds eye. Hue is a collaboration of writers that take you through journeys reaching the deepest corners of your body, your mind and your soul. Ventures with us to the place where your spirit rides on horses that always run free.


The Color Club (aka Club Colors) is a creative writing group that focuses on the imagination in science fiction and fantasy. It's unique and vibrant perspectives, give birth to some of the greatest and innovatives inventions of human kind. The Clubs exhibit of creative thoughts are on display to be read, contemplated and explored. Students here retain the rights to their literary work, so they are able to explore as far as their minds can reach.

Each week, members create projects that inspire others to devise their own creations, thus keeping t he spirit of creativity alive and well. Please visit these thinkers as they write tales of exploration, discovery and mystery.



The Visual Impact Alliance (aka V.I.A.) is a therapeutic literature group that showcases inspiring literary art and performance. The V.I.A. program allows readers as well as participants to express strong and sometimes sensitive emotions in a safe expressive space. The structure enhances communication between individuals and instills confidence and life enhancing alternatives for the people who use them.


V.I.A will displayed their works in hospitals, churches and schools across the world. The ability to provide service to individuals in need, helps readers to enjoy a uplifting experience and program participants to maintain a functioning, stable lifestyle.


HUEMATION after dark...: STORIES

HUEMATION after dark... explores the inner designs of the human need for affection, companionship and reproduction. Writers navigate through the sensual nature of the human bosy and spirit while exploring the natural desire of imtimacy. From soft subtle hints to the exhuberant need to climax, HUEMATION after dark writers express all avenues of intimate wants, needs and desires.